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Meiringen, the heart of Swiss Alps

30 September 2018

We put our luggage 5 days in Meiringen, Switzerland. Arrived by train, we then used the public transport to radiate around Meiringen. From lakes to peaks, then waterfalls to glaciers, here is a snapshot of these few days in the mountains.

In Meiringen, the Aareschlucht gorge and the Reichenbach falls

In Meiringen, two impressive sites are located less than 30 minutes by feet from the center. The Aareschlucht gorge, between 200m high walls, is a must-see at any stage in Meiringen. The landscaped path, hooked to the wall or dug into the rock can meander through the gorge. It only takes 30 to 45 minutes to go through the gorge, and the same time to come back. But for us it took a lot more time … the fault of many picture times!

Second site in the immediate vicinity of the city, the Reichenbach falls are easily accessible. After an hour of hiking or 10 minutes of funicular, 250 meters of falls face us!


Engstlenalp and the Alpen Tower summit

From Meiringen, we took the bus to Engstlenalp and Lake Engstlensee. After 40 minutes of climbing on a mountain road as wide as our bus (!), it is a small paradise that we discovered. How not to be soothed by the deep blue lake, the whistling of marmots, the surrounding peaks and glaciers around?

From Engstlenalp, a 4h hike leads to the Alpen Tower. At 2250 meters above sea level, it offers a 360 ° view where you can observe 401 peaks. The clouds have unfortunately not allowed us to count them…


The Trift glacier and its suspension bridge

To finish this portfolio, we take you to contemplate the glacier Trift. From Meiringen, 30 minutes by bus and 10 minutes by cable car takes the hike to the glacier to approximately one hour and half. But you don’t get that closer to it. Indeed, if the place was completely caught in the ice in 1948, from now on, it is away 2 kilometers as the crow flies. Moreover, three photos taken in 1948, 2002 and 2011 help to measure the recent acceleration of the glacier melting.

The view is so great. And it is even more stunning from the suspension bridge that makes you able to cross the narrow valley. 170 meters long and 90 meters high, the Triftbridge promises a crossing sensations !!

Have a look to the full video of our journey in the Swiss Alps here !

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