A gondola ride back in time

Italy Storytelling

They are like white paper birds on the water of the Grand Canal. They roam obediently on the waves, then when the sun rises, they end up flying in the wake of the vaporetto. They know that over there, in a short walkway, they will eventually find a sandwich to steal: it is early in the morning that you can start to admire the Saint Mark Square, when the seagulls draw multiple curves around Campanile. The most courageous are not long to dive a few inches of tourists, the bill pointed to their lunch. Near the red brick tower, two stone lions from Verona compete for the square. The basilica bathes in the light, leaving millions of mosaics returning the ethereal light of the sun.



Some will prefer a later hour of the day, when the houses go blank, and when the markets pile up. It is there that the glorious city struggles to remain Serenissima and that you will feel all the creative energy of Venice. Men and women jostled for space, while on the outskirts of the Bridge of Sighs, the Grand Canal remains despite its age, an artery that continues to irrigate new blood. At this time, traffic takes a different meaning and the gondolas clash. In one of these small wooden glazed taxis that make the aesthetic fortune of Venice, and even by vaporetto, the sea-bus, looking after the laundry drying at the windows under the conversation of the neighbors in Venetian dialect is a game. A village atmosphere then floats in the labyrinth of alleys, interrupted by the waters.

It’s so easy to get lost …



Finally, the most romantic will answer that Venice is especially worth it at sunset, when the last rays of the day transform the mosaics of the portal of St. Mark’s Basilica into as many golden points, and it’s time to move to Caffè Florian, around some cicheti (appetizers), fresh products from the lagoon, and a glass of prosecco in one hand … In the heart of these streets bordering a maze of canals, the City of the Doges brings us the most romanticism.



Writers, poets and painters have for centuries blackened or colored pages and canvases of this fantasy of water and stones. Because we never stopped the desire to be enthusiastic for its old houses, its elegance, its pink marble lace finery and as many palace-museums testifying to its glory of yesterday. Venice is a city born from the sea, which today remains a center of artistic creation and one of the most beautiful urban landscapes in the world whatever the time of day.