Ha Long Bay, water of legends

Storytelling Vietnam

We’re in 1994 : Ha Long Bay has just been registered as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and Vietnam starts to be a popular travel destination. The unique beauty of the bay with its karts and its limestone islands rising from the sea make it well-known for both the picturesque view and unique values that can be found nowhere else in the world. With its outstanding beauty, the bay becomes quickly the first symbol of Vietnam.

Here, all of the spectacular landscape has been sculpted by nature, from the clusters of wind-and wave-eroded conical peaks, to the 1600 islets around, slowly modified by the wind and sea invasion.

« Ha Long » literally means « descending dragon », originating from an ancient legend explaining the shape of the bay, dug by the gigantic tail of a dragon. Another myth tells also a story about dragons in those days, helping to defend the country while Vietnamese were fighting against the aggressor. They spat jewels and jade out of their mouth, which turned into islands, left like isolated towers in the sea. Since, visitors keep on being trapped by the magic of the place, as if they got lost in a fairy land.

November, 2016.

It’s warm and wet, and the foggy day makes the place again more enigmatic in the mist and the thick clouds. Not even the numerous boats around us can’t spoil the beauty. It’s like a huge labyrinth of stone pillars, so dense that it is difficult to imagine you’re actually in the middle of the sea. This bizarre landscape is mystical in every way you can think of. Sometimes, fishers women with a conical hat come to sell fruits, fresh drinks and handicraft products.

For two days, rock islands of every size and every shape keep on offering a vision of ethereal beauty, but never look the same. On the dragon tracks, the evasion’s complete. And the moment perfect for our honeymoon.

We spend one night stay on board, in a « Edge of the world » feeling, that has been captivating our minds.