My gear – DSLR


After using a compact camera for several years, I’ve finally chosen to work with a DSLR in 2011. Thus, most of the pictures you can see in the blog have been taken with this camera.

My first camera body, a Canon EOS 550D followed me for more than 6 years and helped me to immortalize my trips in China, Tibet, Nepal, Canada and a little more in Europe. To a first 18-135mm Lens , I added a 28mm Lens, a high numerical aperture objective (EF 28mm f/1.8 USM), and a zoom 55-250mm (EF-S 55-250mm f/4-5.6 IS STM), both for Canon Camera.

Among these three, the 18-135mm Lens is the one I use the most. I sometimes trade it with the 55-250mm Lens for its more powerful zoom to practice wildlife photography for instance.

Finally, for many strolls in the streets of Paris, I enjoyed using the 28mm Lens, taking all my time to capture the moment, as the fixed focal length is way more demanding when it comes to positioning.

Yet, compared to the two other lenses, the color rendition and the image’s sharpness are in my opinion way better, and its high aperture enables you to blur background details with impressive results. Having said that, the high aperture is also really useful for some other specific purposes, such as capturing northern lights for example.

In 2017, I  took a second camera body, just before a one-week photography course in Iceland. For many reasons, my first 550D was quite limited for the class. I opted for a 7D Mark II, with a body of the same brand, and still with an image sensor format APS-C so that I could still use my EF lenses mount.

In addition to a best overall quality, here are the pros of this camera model compared to the 550D:

•Using highest ISO sensitivity without affecting the image quality,

•More ISO values available,

•It has until 65 focus points,

•A high-speed burst shooting very effective (10 fps),

•The electronic level ( Finally done with the landscapes and horizons which are not level )

•The tightness ! ( It did have a rough time in Iceland ! )

•And some other details including the use of the buttons, two memory card slots, a viewfinder with a coverage of 100%…

My last pick is an ultra wide angle camera lens of the brand Sigma, a 10-20mm lens F3.5 EX DC HSM. I’ve become a huge fan of it, enjoying so much its good optical qualities and ideal for urban landscapes.

From now on, I use it as frequently as the 18-135mm lens. It even enables me to shoot the whole Eiffel Tower with only twenty meters back away from it !

Here’s all the gear about camera bodies and lenses. Of course, there’s professional equipment on the other side, with a best quality, but higher prices. With this toolkit, I assume there’s a lot you can do though.

Some accessories complement that range, such as filters, bags and tripods, that I’ll present in a future post.

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