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It’s Nam and Nico, 28 and 32. We’re a pharmacist and a railway engineer and we live in Paris, France.

After getting married in 2016, we started to work on idreamin6colors two years later, impatient to share our travels since. Both interested in photography and filmmaking, we hope to demonstrate these abilities at our own level to make you feel like travelling, and going somewhere you don’t know, just like we love finding our own path into the unknown together, just the two of us !

Nico, playing the photographer…

Travelling, discovering my country and the rest of the world has been part of my life since my early childhood. Not that I travelled a lot, but I kept on dreaming with the photo album of my grand parent’s trips, and enjoying the stories of my dad, all hidden behind dozens of his slides that he used to display on that giant screen, in our darkened living room…

My first camera was a compact Canon film camera. With it by my side, I started to discover the pleasure of shooting, starting with the Alps (where I grew up) through the eyes of a ten years old boy. Many years after, in 2011 I bought my first DSLR camera, the EOS 550D of Canon (also named Digital Rebel T2i in North America and EOS Kiss X4 in Japan). Then I put the automatic mode aside forever, taking advantage of playing with all the parameters of this camera and the post-processing softwares that I could use. From now on, I’m used to shoot with various lenses, filters and my last DSLR camera, the EOS 7D Mark II. Yet, sometimes, I like to use my grand father’s old film camera, which is a Nikon , and discovering one more time a totally different way to look and think before pushing the shooting button.

Now photography grew to become a passion, and each time I can, I take my camera and go out, strolling in my beloved Parisian’s streets. But no matter how deep I love my capital city, i never miss an opportunity to evade from home though, so that I can get more and more of our amazing world.

Nam, playing the videographer…

If I started to travel when I met Nico 10 years ago, I took interest in filmmaking more recently, the first time was actually when I worked on our wedding video.

As far as I recall, if Nico’s loving passion for photography got on my nerves more than once, I couldn’t help admiring the energy and the consideration he put in is hobby. Even when I was bored, I sometimes looked at him almost jealous, changing his camera settings, adjusting the best mode to suit the photographic condition.

Having said that, I started myself to feel like relating our recollections together, in my own way : I didn’t think I could reach his passion !

First, a little GoPro as a travel camera joined our travels, as I was prepared to test out my abilities, and what I could do… Then, in order to perfect the activity, and as I really got into it, I started to teach myself a little of making videos step by step, by watching tutorials, and trying gradually to use better equipment.

Now I really love this process that offers so many possibilities to express creativity and enables to use videos as a mean of escape : the wanderlust finally got me hooked on making travel videos, arranging to rearrange, working on rhythms, shooting and editing the work according to the travel vibes, each time different.

I hope you’ll like it, and I wish you good travels !




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